Folding Treadmill – Is it Worth the Money?
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Folding Treadmill – Is it Worth the Money?

Price is the most important thing you have to consider when buying the best folding treadmill. Another thing that you have to factor in when choosing the best treadmill is about the availability of workout programs, warranties, and also the entertainment features that it offers. It is a better idea then, if you consider the type of workout plans according to the use of your treadmill. A runner, for instance, will need a more durable and powerful machine compared to walkers. Though it could be difficult to look for everything you need on a cheaper treadmill, when you remember the most necessary features, you can still find for a basic treadmill that still provides you a good workout at a price that is affordable to you.

Below are the top picks of cheap best treadmills:

  1. The NordicTrack @ C990.


  • Bigger workout library. This C990 Pro contains thirty-two built-in applications for your workout and also a IFit-compatible style.
  • Solid warranties. This has a lifetime frame and also motor warranties with a 3 years parts warranty.
  • Integrated tablet as holder. You can surf the websites, watches movies or listen to music using the tablet while enjoying your workouts.

Quick facts:

  • C990 price is $999
  • The motor is 3.0 CHP
  • The workout programs is 32

Folding Treadmill - Is it Worth the Money?

  1. A Pro Form Sport @9.0 S


  • A good warranty. This Sport 9.0 S has a better warranty than the other treadmills within its price range.
  • It has a strong motor. This treadmill has a 3.0 CHP type of motor that is powerful to handle all of the types of exercises.
  • IFit-enabled. It can access for a hundreds of exercises, including courses that is powered by google maps.

Quick Facts:

  • Sport 9.0 S price is $949
  • The motor type is 3.0 CHP
  • Workout programs is 30
  1. Horizon T101


  • It has a low price. This Horizon T101 has been considered as the most affordable treadmill of all types.
  • It has the best selection of exercises. It has thirty built-in workouts, within it is the weight loss and also the interval programs.
  • It has a built-in player for music of your choice. You can hook up with your iPods and or your MP3 player to this treadmill using a built-in port.

Quick facts:

  • T101 price is $699
  • The motor type is 2.25 CHP
  • The workout programs is 30

When looking for a Folding treadmill it is much better if you will consider this four factors: price, warranty, motor, and any extras.

Though you folding treadmills are quite expensive, the features it has will surely compensate its price. And if you choose the cheapest one, for buying you can read this guide:, it does not mean it is not durable and powerful. Choosing a folding treadmill has its advantages, such as being easy to fold and keep it in place, strong and is powerful, offers bigger workout programs, has an entertainment features to keep you going while exercising, provides a better warranty and much more.

In short, folding treadmills are well worth the price!

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