Treadmills – Manual Vs Auto – Which One Should You Choose?
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Treadmills – Manual Vs Auto – Which One Should You Choose?

A treadmill is a device that is designed for walking and running on while being in the comfort of your own home or gym. The treadmills were introduced prior to the development of any powered machines that harnessed the energy of an animal or human to do create needed power.

The treadmill as a running machine has two basic types: manual and the motorized / auto type. Let us compare the two types to see what really the best and works better on your needs: You can find some more treadmill reviews here

The Manual Treadmill

The Pros:

  • You will provide all your motive power and workout the lower parts of your body.
  • Can be used anywhere. No need for electricity, so if there is no power outlet in the venue you are doing the exercise, it will not be a problem to you.
  • It is safe. A manual treadmill will stop when you stop from moving. No need to wear safety cords to make it stop when you accidentally slip off and fall. This can be also safer for kids around you and also for pets.

The Cons:

  • It is so difficult to pullout the treadmill’s belt moving partially. Straining with your belt can stress within your joints.
  • You will need to raise with the incline of your best treadmill anytime making it easy to make the belt keep moving. Every time you will be doing it, you are making an uphill walking, which could not be probably what you aim for your daily workout.
  • When the belt is moving, you need stop and get off from the treadmill just to change your incline. Therefore, you have been stuck for just one level of incline each workout.

Treadmills - Manual Vs Auto - Which One Should You Choose?

The motorized Treadmill

The Pros:

  • The belt being through a motor, and you don’t need to strain by starting it.
  • Like that of other treadmills, you can easily adjust your speed and your incline while without stopping what you are doing. On other motor treadmill, you have to stop and get off to manually adjust the incline, but after which to start your belt from moving again, just turn on the treadmill.

The Cons:

  • You need an electrical outlet near you, and may even need for much higher voltage especially if it is a commercial treadmill.
  • Motorized treadmill may be a safety hazard. It is much easier falling off if somebody has distracted you and then you stumble and may get thrown off from. You will need a cord so you can shut the treadmill off in case you fall.

Manual’s speed versus Auto’s speed treadmills:

  • For a manual treadmill, you only do your workout fast, as you will push yourself. Making your moves to slow, then the treadmill will also move slowly. Then if you will stop, it also stops.
  • For an auto or motorized treadmill, its speed can be adjusted. This may pushes you to move faster.
  • The constant movement of the belt of motorized treadmill inspires you to keep moving.

The cost:

  • Manual treadmills are much cheaper than motorized treadmills. Thus, the higher the cost, the more you get.
  • Manual costing just ranges from $100-$200, while motorized costs range is $500-$750 or more.

May this help you to decide what best home treadmill is fits for you!

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